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Wireless Internet Network Design, RF Engineering,
Geographic Information Services

     Our company provides wireless network design and RF engineering services to show the range of wireless broadband and communications systems along with the demographics or homes passed for  those areas. If you are in the process of building a TV Whitespaces System, WIMAX, mesh network, Wireless Internet, 700 MHz, 3.65 GHz, EBS Licensed Area, or other fixed wireless network system, contact us before you construct your sites. We help Wireless Network Operators design their system to see the wireless coverage. This answers the question "How far will the wireless signal reach, and how many households will it cover?" 

Wireless Internet Coverage using Google Maps on your own web site!

     For Wireless Internet Providers  that provide Wireless Broadband Services, we have the ultimate tool for you! Brian Webster Consulting can map your complete Wireless Service Area and convert that information to a format that can be used with the FREE Google Maps API on your own web site. Visitors to your page can do an address  inquiry and see the results directly on an interactive Google Map. To view an example click on the thumbnail image below.

Network Coverage on Google Maps.


Pre-Qualify wireless broadband customers using Google Earth

     We have developed a method to create Google Earth compatible files that show your wireless internet coverage area which are then used as a customer pre-qualification tool. This allows you to interactively see where your wireless broadband works and where it does not. In the Google Earth search tool you can look up a specific street address and have it zoom to that location. With your wireless service area map loaded, you can clearly see if you can deliver broadband internet services to this location. This system works so fast you can qualify a customer while they are still on the phone! It allows you to close sales with the first call. Existing Wireless Internet Service Providers who use this system claim immediate benefits. They are able to schedule installations without doing a site survey and have reduced their "no-go" install rates significantly.

To see a sample Google Earth Customer Pre-Qualification System click here

Click here to download the Google Earth program

Click Here to view testimonials from wireless network operators who are using the system.


National Broadband Adoption and Take Rate Report

Brian Webster was one of the featured panelists at the February 9, 2010 session of the Broadband Breakfast Club. The topic was "Collecting and using Broadband Data". Keynote speaker was Paul de Sa - Chief for Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, Federal Communications Commission. You can view the video here.

Detailed maps can be produced that show the residential and business customers reached by your wireless network. The information can be used in a direct marketing plan or for an evaluation of a wireless network worth. For those who wish to know how many households are passed by a network, this is one way to determine that answer. The lists can be further enhanced by adding information such as the serving tower location and the predicted signal level. Network operators use this data to plan system capacity. They can see the number of potential customers, and based on their market penetration forecasts, they size the network and backhaul capacities accordingly. All of this information is created in an easy to understand format and placed in the hands of decision makers.

     Other mapping and GIS services include: demographic and broadband availability reports with details down to the census block level and mapping of existing customer databases to show concentrations of locations you can ACTUALLY SERVE with wireless signal. The wireless coverage predictions can be exported to any GIS compatible mapping format.

     With a competitive market analysis, the most profitable areas to serve with wireless can be identified. Reports show the existing DSL and Cable territories along with housing densities. Proper market research will identify locations with sufficient customer density to support a wireless system and the broadband competition in that same area.

     These are just a few of the capabilities we have with our database programs and reporting systems. Please call if you have a unique situation that requires a custom solution or a complex problem that needs solving. To view a presentation of GIS services with examples please click here.

Wireless Network (WISP) coverage area prediction over terrain with street map detail
Multiple site network.

Wireless propagation coverage map overlaid on topographic map
Coverage on a Topographic Map.

Land Cover Data Map



Click here for the TV White Space Mapping Tool

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