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Mapping Services to help broadband Internet network operators

     Our GIS and mapping services can be utilized to assist High Speed Internet System operators in providing GIS compatible files to their respective state broadband mapping authorities. This can be done in ways such that proprietary business data and information remains protected without worrying about the mapping agencies honoring Non-Disclosure Agreements.


Demographic Reporting

Know the Households Passed by Your Network!

    Once the coverage area of your wireless site is predicted and a wireless service area map has been generated, the next step should be to determine detailed demographics for your tower site or complete network. Wirelessmapping and Broadband-Mapping.com can provide you with key elements that will be very valuable when you consider a site and it's viability with your planned business model. With a coverage plot, the demographic data for that area down to the Census Block detail level can be studied. We can run a report to tell you the population, number of households, other broadband competition, zip plus four, and any other demographic data that this area encompasses. You can use this information to determine if there will be enough possible customers to make a site profitable. Since you have the zip code information you may conduct a direct mail campaign if you wish. If a system operator were to purchase active mailing lists for both business and residential records, we can tell you not only how many potential customers fall in your service area, but WHO ACTUALLY IS SERVED. The only thing left to know in your business plan, is your market penetration rate. Broadband-Mapping.com can also assist in establishing that information based on it's proprietary studies of national, state and county level high speed internet market availability and deployment strategies.

     With our Geographic Information Services  (GIS) we can map any existing address or customer list and determine how many of these locations will fall within your transmitter footprint. This is helpful when you have a list of potential business class customers. You find which ones you are able to service, then conduct direct marketing efforts on ONLY the businesses you can reach. This is a great time and budget saver.

     If you are an existing dial-up ISP or other service provider we can map your existing customer database and overlay the wireless transmitter coverage over the information on a map and provide you with the list of reachable customers.

Contact us for pricing on these services.

Demographic Map Examples

Demographic Map of Census Blocks Covered for a complex area
This map shows Census blocks studied for a complex area.

Map showing household density by census block

Map of Census Blocks colored by household density.

Map of population density by census block
This map shows Census blocks shaded by population density.

Other mapping and GIS services include: economic reports with details down to the census block level,  study of existing customer databases to see the concentrations of users, filtering of direct marketing list to locations you can ACTUALLY SERVE  with wireless signal or other broadband services, and network capacity studies. The wireless coverage predictions can be generated in any GIS compatible format.

     With an advanced report, the best areas to serve with wireless service can be identified. Reports show the existing DSL and Cable Broadband served areas along with occupied household counts. Proper market research will identify locations with sufficient customer density to support a wireless network.

     These are just a few of the capabilities we have with our database mapping and reporting systems. Please call if you have a unique situation that requires a custom solution or a complex problem that needs solving. To view a presentation of GIS services with examples please click here.