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Brian Webster
Radio Frequency Engineering Consultant

Telecommunications Assessments

Radio Propagation Mapping

Microwave Path Studies

Radio Network Design

RF Intermodulation and Interference Studies

FCC Tower Registration

Visual Impact Study Maps

Geographic Information Services (GIS)

Demographic and Market Studies

FAA Studies

Mapping of Customer Databases

Web Based Map Servers

Tower Compliance Specialist

wireless Network Design  

Hybrid Network Design




Engineering consultancy born in response to growth in the wireless industry. Experience drawn from over 18 years in the industry. The focus is to make available affordable and knowledgeable radio frequency and wireless network design services.  Terrain and elevation data used is the latest high definition sources.  Mapping data used from multiple sources.



EarthLink Inc. ~  Sr.RF Engineering Manager
Lockheed Martin ~ Department of Energy
Lockheed Martin ~ Umatilla Weapons Depot (High Terrain)
Project 25 VHF/800 MHz (High Terrain) ~ State of Washington
Project 25 700 MHz (High Terrain) ~ Norfolk, Virginia
Multiple Wireless Internet Service Providers ~ United States and Canada
PCS CDMA Network Design ~ Illinois PCS, Chickasaw communications (Sprint PCS)
Communications VOIP Consulting ~ US Navy; Saratoga, New York
Training Officer (Retired) ~ Naval Reserve Mobile Command Communications Field Unit



Leading Edge or Bleeding Edge, Determining When a Wireless Site Fits Your Business Plan
Applying Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering As Part of Your Business Plan
Broadband Market Demographics



Single Site RF Coverage Maps
Multiple Site Combined Plots
Wireless GIS Data Files
View Shed Maps
Line of Sight & Microwave Path Studies
Overlays for Aerial Photography, Topographic & Street Maps
Interactive Map Servers
Intermodulation Studies