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Motorola Canopy Network Design with Wireless Coverage Maps

RF Engineering and Design - Wireless Network Coverage Mapping Services

Wireless Internet System Design using Motorola Canopy

When building a Motorola Canopy  wireless broadband network and investigating becoming a wireless broadband internet service provider, determining the range and households passed of your system has always been the most challenging. Wirelessmapping.com provides answers to those questions in a result that you can actually see (click here for an example)

     We have services specifically catered for the Motorola Canopy Wireless Internet Platform. Our company can help plan your network coverage and evaluate the financial viability of your sites. All of this is done before you start construction or expend capital. Here are some of the ways we can help plan your business strategy.

  • Plot a wireless network coverage map based on your site location(s), antenna mounting height, Subscriber Module, antenna selection, tree clutter and the local terrain. These coverage maps are provided in a Google Earth compatible file which you can use as a customer pre-qualification system.

  • Based on the results of the map, a demographic report can be produced that tells the number of households passed, the zip and zip+4 codes covered, census blocks and even the actual home and business locations for the area your wireless broadband system can serve.

  • We can provide a full competitive broadband market analysis for your design area at the census block level. This is used to establish your market penetration rate(s). This can be very granular, in census blocks where there is no broadband internet competition one take rate may apply, where in areas that are served by cable and/or DSL, a different market penetration factor can be assumed for your business model.
  • Plug these raw numbers in to your business plan to see if the sites have the potential to make a profit. All done before you build your site. There is no guessing. This also works great for evaluating Wireless Internet Service Providers for acquisition.

  • By using your provided commercial mailing lists, we can map address records and determine exactly who you can serve in both business and residential customers. Use these results for a  very precise targeted marketing campaign.

  • You get to see the maximum number of potential customers for each site and plan your network capacity requirements in advance. No guesswork as to how much capacity your site will need to have. This works great for backhaul planning when you have multiple sites cascaded through point to point radio paths back to your central bandwidth location.

  • Advanced Market studies and maps which show the DSL and Cable coverage areas can be produced and compared to your planned network.

     In addition to the basic reports, a separate map can be created to show the areas served when using an antenna reflector unit  or Stinger on the CPE. The final results can be used on your web site or in print media to show your service area.

     For your internet backbone requirements, detailed point to point studies with high reliability percentages can be generated (up to 99.999%). Using the same techniques, path studies to individual customer locations are possible. For potential subscribers in your fringe area, this feature will save you unnecessary trips for testing purposes.

     Our Geographic Information System (GIS) can take an existing customer list and highlight those who fall within your wireless service footprint. This feature can save an enormous amount of marketing energy.

     Browse through our site for other map examples and service offerings. We are here to help make your Canopy system the best it can be, contact us with your specific needs.