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WISP Network Resources and Tools

Click here to read about the National WISP Map Initiative


Show your network coverage on your website using Google Maps!

For WISP operators who would like to show their network coverage on their web site, we have the ultimate tool for you! Brian Webster Consulting can map your complete RF footprint and then convert that information to a format that can be used with the FREE Google Maps API on your own web site. Visitors to your page can interactively use a Google Maps interface with your network coverage loaded as a layer within the map. This can be done with or without an address lookup tool. To view an example click on the link below.

Sample Wireless Network Coverage Using Google Maps

Wireless Internet Network Map Servers

For established Wireless Broadband Service Providers, easily checking to see if their signal will reach a specific location without a truck roll has been a problem. Brian Webster Consulting has developed a web based map server that incorporates the radio propagation studies and wireless coverage maps in a form where you can enter a street address to check service availability. The map tool allows for zoom and pan features and keeps the proper scale when changing views. This can be used by your customer service reps or made available to the public as a sales tool. We offer this in many affordable packages, you can own your own server or have it hosted for a monthly fee.

This same system can also be used to determine if an existing customer database or lead list falls within your network coverage area. If desired, we can run your address list through the system and give a report of the records where you can offer connectivity. This allows you to specifically focus marketing efforts. It will also give you an idea of where you might want to expand your coverage by showing which customers you can not serve.



Other Wireless Network Services Offered


  • Radio Propagation Maps and Studies

  • Microwave Path Studies

  • Radio Network Design

  • Demographic and Market Studies

  • RF Intermodulation (Intermod)  and Interference Studies

  • Visual Impact Study Maps

  • Geographic Information Services (GIS)

  • FAA Studies

  • FCC Tower Registration

  • Mapping of Customer Databases

  • Web Based Map Servers


Click Here for a presentation of services with examples (3.4 mb file).