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Below are testimonials from wireless network operators who are using the Google Earth Pre-Qualification system.

"It’s been a huge asset to our organization.  Every prospect is now run though Google earth and pre-qualified.  The number of truck rolls to customers outside our coverage areas are almost nonexistent now.  Our install crews are now installing 4 or five, each, a day.  Previously they were getting 50% no go’s.  We still are challenged with trees but at least we can, with confidence, tell the customer to build a tower that reaches above the tree line and we would be able to get them service at a later date.  They are very happy with that level of professionalism.  We’re going to hit 200 installs this month which is a 100% increase over last.

Our install field crews either have cellular phone Internet (1X) technology or they call into the office with their current GPS location and ask for tower direction advice.  From there they are better equipped with the knowledge to select the best tower location for each customer by turning on an off the overlays of the surrounding towers.  I’ve also created an overlay with each tower’s technology type so the installers can select the correct Motorola equipment that is being sent in their direction.  Previously they didn’t know if tower A had 2.4, 5.7, 5.2 or 900Mhz technology.  It was a complete waste of time and effort figuring that out.  Now they are in and out in under two hours per install.

 We do a lot of tradeshows lately and we bring our projector and a laptop.  It’s an attention grabber for customers to see us zooming in and out of the areas while talking with other potential customers about their homes in our coverage area.  They line up at the booth and ask many questions about our services.  They walk away as a customer or with information to give to their friends or families living in our coverage path.

So yes, very happy with your map integration into Google earth!  Please don’t increase your pricing <grin>."

Trevor Perraton - Platinum Communications Corp. - Calgary, AB

"We spent the money and have seen a huge improvement in take rate. We went from a average of 1.5 installs per day to 4.5 installs per day. Now please understand we also went from 4 tower sites to 16, but we also deployed the new tower sites in areas that already had High-speed via DSL, Cable, Wireless or all of the above. We found that by targeting our marketing dollars towards people we were 95% sure we could serve, and then also being able to prequalify wireless customers via the Google earth map when they called in and schedule them on the spot, with the first call our no call back rate went to almost 0.

Was it expensive, depends on how you value business growth. Has it paid off, yes."

Mike Bushard - Wisper Wirelss - MN

"When we started our WISP 2 years ago, I knew the only way we would cut costs and become more efficient would be through pre-qualification of potential customers. All of the major ISPs had access to their own software engineers to know exactly what address on what street could get service or not. We had no idea how to do this for wireless Internet and figured it would cost more than we could afford to hire someone to create a program as such. 

After searching the Motorola website, we found an affiliate called WirelessMapping.com that did exactly what we were looking for. Using Google Earth, which we were already familiar with, Brian Webster of WirelessMapping.com took all of our equipment and tower site information and incorporated a very, VERY accurate overlay onto Google Earth which gave us the ability to pre-qualify customers. This was such a blessing because as a start-up we never even had to experience the days of "site surveys." We had the opportunity to visualize our network from day one, and that has made a huge difference in our budget.

Just to give you an idea of our success rate with installs. Our management server tracks failed installs, and for the entire 2008 year, we have had a 75% success rate on installs (and some of those may have been cancelled installs). I've heard horror stories of less than 50% successful installs. I can't imagine how much time and labor would cost us by doing blind site surveys. The $180/site is well, very well, worth it.

Now Brian is even giving us the chance to incorporate our coverage maps with Google Maps so that customers can prequalify themselves and sign up on our website! Very cool stuff.


Thanks Brian"

John M. McDowell
Boonlink Communications
307 Grand Ave NW
Fort Payne, AL 35967