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Wireless Broadband Web Link and Resource Center

Wireless Equipment Vendors:

Strix Wireless Mesh and Municipal Broadband Network Equipment Manufacturer.

Tropos Wireless Mesh and Municipal Broadband Network Equipment Manufacturer.

Sky Pilot Networks Mesh Network System with Smart Antennas and High Power.

Hyperlink  Another equipment provider of wireless networking equipment for outdoor use that is FCC Part 15 type approved.

Alvarion Another manufacturer of outdoor rated equipment in the unlicensed spectrum. These systems are in use by many Wireless Internet Service Providers.

Airspan This equipment vendor offers both licensed and unlicensed systems, they have the ability to offer voice and data on their network equipment.

Tri-County Communications - Motorola Service Center and Canopy equipment provider, great source for on-site paging CCTV and SCADA equipment. They also have an equipment repair facility.

Trango Point to Point and Point to Multi-point systems.

Tessco Great supplier of antennas, cable, feed line, brackets and pre-made cable assemblies. They ship overnight!

Wireless Information Sites:

BroadbandCensus.com News and Information source for all things Broadband

Broadbandbreakfast.com Media arm of Broadbandcensus.com

Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine - Great place to learn and find everything you want to know about the business.

RCR News The wireless telecom industry information bible.

WIMAX Forum - Home of the WIMAX Group and the 802.16a Standard

Wireless Internet Service Providers AssociationWireless Internet Service Providers Association.

WiFi Planet  Industry news site and Hotspot location database.

Wi-Fi Alliance, source of technical information on wireless networking and standards.

Wireless Network Design Software and Equipment

ICS Telecom RF prediction tool from ATDI. Excellent tool for mesh network planning.

Planet RF prediction software.

EDX Signal Pro RF software

SPLAT - Linux based RF prediction software.

Radio Mobile Deluxe - RF prediction tool.

Kismet Linux based wireless survey tool.

Netstumbler Software Software that allows you to survey wireless networks and their coverage. We can map your results for you!

Avcom Low cost spectrum analyzer manufacturer.

Yellow Jacket Handheld testing devices for on air testing, interference location and investigations.

Wireless Service and Consulting Companies:

Ask-Wi.com Jack Unger has been providing wireless training design and support to the WISP Industry since 1993

WISP Directory Site for locating WISP's and their service areas.

Community Wireless Grass roots free wireless networking group.


Tower and Rooftop Companies:

Towermaps.com This Company specializes in maintaining a database of available wireless communications sites. This includes rooftops and small towers as well as all the properties of the big companies. A nice place for one stop shopping for potential locations. They have over 200,000 sites listed in their data files.

American Tower Owner of over 23,000 sites!

Crown Castle They have both tower and rooftop sites available.

SBA Another large Nationwide Tower Company.