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Wireless Network Design Services Offered
  • Radio Propagation Maps

  • Microwave Path Studies

  • Wireless Network Design

  • WISP System Design

  • Public Safety Communications - Project 25, 4.9 GHz data networks

  • Municipal Mesh Network Design and RFP Preparations

  • Municipal Broadband and Wireless Camera Networks

  • Demographic and Market Studies Including Advertising Media Effectiveness

  • RF Intermodulation (Intermod)  and Interference Studies

  • Visual Impact Study Maps

  • Geographic Information Services (GIS)

  • Households Passed

  • FAA Studies

  • FCC Tower Registration

  • Mapping of Customer Databases

  • Tower Database and Location Research

  • Network compliance studies

  • Due diligence reports for networks being considered for purchase

  • Conventional 2-way radio network design

  • Tower site comparison studies

  • Address database mapping

  • Targeted marketing lists and reports

  • Fixed wireless network capacity planning

  • Customer Prequalification system